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Balti 150

Balti 150 is an outdoor wall-mounted luminaire designed to be equipped with COB LEDs of the last generation, with passive heat dissipation.
The fittings have a very compact and shallow profile: this is ideal for applications in domestic and residential areas such as passageways, terraces and façades.
They have been designed with a specific beam to ensure wide lighting of the wall or of the ceiling and of the floor, with high luminous quality.
Cable gland in nickel-brass, high protection rating IP66.
Thanks to their versatility and elegance, Balti 150 can be installed in indoor applications, too.

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Family Variant code Nominal lumens on thermal regime (lm) Wattage (W) Color temperature (K) Light beam
Balti 150 12W 3000K CRI85 118504 1800 12 3000 110°
118503 1800 12 3000 110°
Balti 150 26W 3000K CRI85 118304 3400 26 3000 110°
118303 3400 26 3000 110°